Engineering Services

Alltech has been manufacturer and supplier of automotive components for more than 20 years. This extensive experience in all aspects of design, manufacture and machining of complex parts, utilizing both traditional and modern manufacturing practices, allows us to select the best and most economical production methods for any project.


•  Design
•  Modeling & Digitization
•  Reverse Engineering
•  Mould/ Pattern making
•  Composite Manufacture & Refinishing
•  Tooling
•  Fabrication
•  Part Verification  


Headquartered in a 12K sq. ft. state-of-art facility, including business units responsible for reverse engineering systems, machining, composite manufacture and refinishing, our specialist staff can produce any mechanical or body component required.

The last 10 years has seen specialization in automotive and motor sports related applications and Alltech has considerable expertise in the manufacture of a huge variety of parts, in a large variety of materials, from small titanium fittings to large carbon fiber bodywork panels.

Beside traditional production methods, modern techniques include 3D laser scanning, where anything from a paperclip to a full car can be non-contact scanned, digitized and imported into CAD software for manipulation into a solid model to produce tooling for part manufacture, input for 3D rapid-prototyping or 3D stress analysis for design improvement.


Alltech's expertise in creating and manipulating complex digital models means our staff can reverse engineer or improve existing components or design new parts from a blank sheet. We can work from customer supplied digital models, paper drawings, blueprints, sketches, photographs or existing parts.






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Our experience allows us to select the best and most economical production method, providing a high quality end product with benchmarks focusing on authenticity and craftsmanship.


Racing Services

Evolving from the engineering division, Alltech also offers sales/brokerage, race preparation, trackside support, travel logistics and storage for classic sports cars and single seaters.


•  Sales/ Brokerage
•  Component Manufacture
•  Race Preparation
•  Repair and Restoration
•  Transport Logistics
•  Trackside Support
•  Data Acquisition and Analysis


Alltech specializes in sales/ brokerage and repairs/ restorations with an emphasis on discreet personal service. We provide several levels of service, tailored to meet the desires of our clients, from collection storage to full trackside support for private tests or full race events.  

For Alltech, there is no better place to showcase their premium goods and services than at the racetrack.

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